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EDI Electronic Payment System

“EDI” business is a customs tariff online payment service offered by SRCB. This service can meet the requirements raised by import/export companies to pay customs tariff and administrative fees online.

Service function

The EDI SRCB is able to make payment and inquiry of 14 types of tariff and tax, namely: import tariff, export tariff, special tariff, special VAT, anti-dumpling duty, import VAT, customs tariff deferred interest, consumption tariff deferred interest, VAT deferred interest, supervisory charge, collateral, delayed declaration fee, surcharge for overdue tax payment, import consumption tariff.


1.    24-hour service, safe, reliable and easy for use.

2.    Quick customs clearance, high efficiency, which reduced companies’ trading costs.

3.    Strong functionalities and supporting multi-tariff payment.

Business application

1.    Target customers: companies that have settlement account with SRCB, and have registered at Shanghai Customs Electronic Ports Data Centre.

2.    Documentation: company organization code, company tax bureau registration certificate.

3.    Business process:

1)     Companies fill in 4 copies of “EDI Electronic Payment System Application Form” and “EDI Electronic Payment System User Security Control Secret Key and Certificate Application Form”, stamp on company chop and deliver to SRCB branches.

2)     Companies take “EDI Electronic Payment System Application Form” chopped by SRCB branches, “EDI Electronic Payment System User Security Control Secret Key and Certificate Application Form” stamped by company chop, have the documents chopped by customs supervisor, and then deliver to Shanghai Customs Technology Centre for approval.

3)     Companies should fax through the above two documents that have been approved, as well as company business license, organization code certificate, tax bureau registration certificate, Customs 10-digit code certificate to EDI system undertaker for further processing.

4)     Corporate clients go to Shanghai Yi Tong International Company Ltd with original copy of the application form and personal ID card photocopies to finalize the formalities and claim the card.

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