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United Electronic Tax Payment for Finance,Taxation,Treasury and Banks

This is a self-servicing tax payment method that a data information network is set up among banks, Taxation Authorities and Treasuries relying on modern IT technology, which realizes real time, electronic processing of cash flow and information flow during the process of tax declaration, tax collection and tax payment evidence print out.

Range of business

SRCB is offering this service across Shanghai.


1.    Easy and convenient: tax payers can make tax declaration, tax payment and print out tax slip staying at home, which saves time and relieve pressure on banks and tax bureaus.

2.    Safe and reliable: tax payers can make self-service operations through password and digital certificates. Fund deduction and settlement is preceded by system automation. This reduces operational risks.

Business process

1.    Target customers: tax payers/companies that have opened RMB current deposit account at SRCB.

2.    Documentation: company organization code, company tax bureau registration certificate.

3.    Process: tax payer/companies first fill in 3 copies of “Bank Agency Transfer Tax Payment Authorization” with company chop and legal person’s signature/chop. Then submit it to the local Tax Bureau and apply for setting the account with SRCB as electronic tax payment automated deduction account. Once the Tax Bureau has approved and provided with training, the company can using this service.

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