Terms and Conditions

1.     The points earned by your supplementary cardholder are accounted at your primary card account and you are
        entitled to redeem.

2.     The redemption limitation, term of validity and calculation rules of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank World
        and Platinum Travel Card points are all subject to Terms and Conditions of Shanghai Rural Commercial
        Bank World and Platinum Travel Card Points Redemption

3.     Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank World and Platinum Travel Cardholders can use 20 bonus points to
        redeem 1 mile and the miles redeemed by bonus points shall not less than 500 (10,000 points) or at
        an integer multiple of 500.

4.     The cardholders shall apply for redeeming points for miles within valid period.

5.     The cardholders are allowed to redeem miles by calling our 24-hours Customer Service Hotline
        at 021-962999.

6.     Only the member of a miles redemption airline company and mileage club can use points to redeem
        miles. The miles approved to redeem will be deposited into cardholder's member account with the
        airline company and the club by the airline company and the club. The application for redemption
        can not be changed or canceled. The points for miles cannot be refunded to credit card account
        once exchanged. The cardholder may transfer the converted miles to his/her club member account
        of the airline company.

7.     In case any fraud or cheating activities involved in the points earning or redeeming, our bank will
        cancel all points earned and miles redeemed and Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank may reserve
        the right to pursue legal responsibility against the cardholder.

8.     Please refer to the service terms and conditions and rules released by all airline companies and
         clubs for the usage of redeemed miles.  As for the use of redeemed miles and the cardholder taking
         part in any event organized and arranged by the relevant airline companies and clubs, our bank
         takes no responsibility.

9.     Participating airline companies and clubs may modify their membership rules, which will be
        advised to the cardholders by themselves. SRCB does not assume interpretation or notification
        responsibilities. SRCB would not assume any responsibilities for the modification of rules
        and the impact on cardholders.

10.  SRCB is entitled to change the terms and conditions of the mileage redemption plan within
        the legal scope of PRC, which shall become effective after public notification on SRCB
www.srcb.com or other channels. Please pay attention. For any inquiries on the
        terms and conditions of the reward point plan, cardholders may require SRCB for further