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Export Bill Purchasing

Export Bill Purchasing refers to the short-term loan with recourse granted by SRCB to exporter (beneficiary) upon application and presentation of full set of documents under L/C to SRCB as pledge.


Exporter gets paid prior to importer’s actual payment, which accelerates the capital turnaround.

Application procedures are relatively simpler for export financing than for working capital loan.

This product increases exporter’s cash inflow for the period, which improves its financial situation.

Exporters can choose the currency of funding based on the interest rates of each currency, which minimizes the funding cost.

This product helps to mitigate foreign exchange rate risks and secure profit.

Target customers

Companies with limited working capital, and are relying on working quick capital turnover to maintain business.

Companies encounter temporary working capital shortage between shipment and collection period.

Companies get new investment opportunities whose return will be surely higher than financing cost between shipment and collection period.

Application process

1.    Customers submit original copy of L/C and supporting documents under the L/C to SRCB, and fill in Export financing application form.

2.    SRCB check the conformity of the documents against the L/C, and communicate with the issuing bank the discrepancies if any.

3.    SRCB sign legal contract (ie. Export financing contract) with the customer.

4.    SRCB grant loan to the customer.

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