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AUD Express payment

SRCB has established account cooperation relationship with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ). SRCB can, based on remitter’s authorization and specification, require ANZ to transfer through T/T a certain amount of money to the designated beneficiary. For beneficiaries whose accounts are opened with any of ANZ branches, the fund transferred will be delivered in full amount during the promotion period.

Advantage of this product

Convenient access and full amount transferred during the promotion period.

1. For remittance applications that meet the requirements, deal will be processed with and fund will be delivered on the spot day.

2. For remittance applications that meet the requirements, customers can enjoy low domestic fee charge, and have fee generated in Australia waived during the promotion period.

3. Domestic fee charge rates as followed.

Fee charged for remittance

Remittance amount x 1‰ minimum charge of RMB 20 per transaction, and maximum of RMB 200 per

Fee charge for T/T

RMB 100 per transaction

Kind reminders

1. Only Australian Dollar can be remitted at the moment.

2. Application must be submitted before 15:30, or will be deferred to the following business day.

3. Beneficiary’s account must be opened at ANZ Australia.

4. Each remittance application must be compliant with the laws and regulations on Personal FX Administration set by SAFE.

5. This product is available at all SRCB branches that have personal FX sales and purchase qualification.

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