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Credit Card Business

SRCB card holders can call SRCB Hotline 021-962999 anytime anywhere for customer service. SRCB Telephone Banking provides services such as card activation, password setting, loss-reporting, account inquiry, repayment, application process inquiry and etc. Meanwhile, the staff service can also handle with limit adjustment, account information modification, point exchange, as well as other queries, suggestions and complaints.

1. Credit card activation and password service
Service Overview: you can activate your credit card, and then set password.
2. Credit card loss reporting and card replacement
Service Overview: you can choose self-service or manual service to report loss and ask for card replacement.
3. Credit card account inquiry and repayment
Service Overview: you can make credit card account inquiry, automatic repayment and fund transfer repayment.
4. Application process inquiry
You can check credit card application progress using personal ID number.

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