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Fund transfer and remittance

Service overview

This provides customers with fund transfer and remittance to corporate and personal account service.

Function introduction

This includes intra-bank transfer, inter-bank transfer, bulk payment, account list management, etc.

a) Intra-bank transfer: customer can transfer fund to another SRCB account on real time.

b) Inter-bank transfer: customer can transfer fund to corporate and personal account at other bank.

c) Bulk payment: If you need to transfer fund to multi-accounts at the same time, you can choose bulk payment. This realizes quick, simple and efficient fund transfer.

d) Account list management: customer can manage frequently-remitted accounts in a list.

Important notice

a) Service time: for intra-bank transfer, the service time is 24X7; for inter-bank transfer, the period is 8:30-16:45 on business days. Transactions submitted on non-service time will be delayed to the next business day.

b) Transfer arrival time: real time arrival for intra-bank/inter-bank large-value remittance through PBoC platform (ie. express, or above RMB 20,000 offsite remittance) and for local remittance; within 1 business day for small-value remittance (below RMB 20,000 or offsite remittance).

c) Single transaction value must not exceed RMB 1 million, and daily accumulated remittance value must not exceed RMB 5 million.

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